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What is ECFA?
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Activities of ECFA

In response to members' interest and the demand for developing countries, ECFA members offers a full range of services.

<Creation of Better Business Environment for Activities of Japanese Consultants>

ECFA maintains close contact with government bodies for improving consulting business environment.
ECFA promotes implementation of projects, which require joint financing of the public and private sectors or private sector involvement.
For large scale and comprehensive development projects, ECFA coordinates the formation of consortia among its member firms.

<Project Finding and Formulation>

ECFA sends following survey missions each year to identify the needs of developing countries and assist governments and international organizations in formulating developing projects.

  • Dispatch of project identification mission---43 missions
  • Dispatch of project formulation mission---10 missions
  • Dispatch of follow up study mission---8 missions

<Collaboration with Foreign Consultants and International Organizations>

ECFA offers related information on Developing Countries, Multilateral Development Banks, United Nations and etc. Members may participate in liaison events with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to learn how to do business with these important lending bodies.
Upon request, ECFA provides appropriate consultants' information best suited for particular projects.
A close relationship is maintained with Foreign Consulting Engineers Council or Association. ECFA also hosts the groups of visiting consulting firms abroad for arranging the seminar and introducing our member firms.

<Consultation and Research Activities>

ECFA undertakes studies and research activities to promote the overseas activities of Japanese consulting firms, to develop new fields and regions for their consulting services and to achieve improved working environments. ECFA encourages and facilitates the application of state-of-the art technology in developing countries for coordinating with governments and international organizations.

<Working Groups/Study Groups>

Working Groups and Study Groups are on specific subject to discuss issues, propose countermeasures common to ECFA members, and develop new markets and fields for consulting work.

  • Private Finance Initiative(PFI) Study Group---Mission to South and Central America (1999 February)

  • Environment Protection Study Group---Mission to Philippine and Thailand (1999 March)
  • Social Development Issue Group--- regional development, social development, poverty alleviation, health, education, and gender issues, etc.
  • Region Study Group---Study Mission to Peru and Bolivia (1998), Study Mission to Mozambique (1997)
  • Industrial Sector Development Group---Study Mission to Cambodia (1998 October)
  • Local Energy Development Group---Study Mission to Myanmar (1998 August-September)
  • ODA Study Group---Study Mission to Multilateral Development Banks (1998-1999)
  • The study on Competitiveness of Consulting Firms---Mission to Europe and U.S (1999)
  • Consultant Liability and Insurance Policy Study Group
<Human Resources Development>

ECFA promote strong commitment to continued learning opportunities through various Human Resources Development Programme, since the consulting service is a knowledge-based industry.

  • Orientation seminar for new professionals
  • Workshops for Project Cycle Management (PCM), Gender Analysis, and etc.
  • Seminars on development assistance operations by Japanese government agencies and overseas professionals
  • Seminars on Environment Issues, Renewable Energy, Private Finance Initiative, and etc.
<Information Dissemination>
  • Information
    Internet, Provision of Foreign Consulting Firms Data Base

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